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Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcoming The Year 2007

New Year's Eve was a day of last minutes. At about mid afternoon while driving home after attending a cousin's birthday lunch at Poh Poh's place, Inspector spilled the news that we were having a pot luck with a few of his friends at our place that night itself. I was like, "Whaaaaat?? Tonight???? Who's coming??" and wished that if only he had told me earlier, I would be able to invite a few of my close friends too.

We were to prepare a pot of chicken curry. So at the last minute, we did a detour to the nearest supermarket to buy the ingredients (not those ready-made packets, mind you), junk food and some drinks. As soon as we reached home, we immediately did a bit of spring cleaning. Then I launched into cutting the chicken meat and potatoes into smaller pieces; blended the garlic, onion and ginger; mixed the meat curry powder and chilli powder together and started cooking, while Inspector boiled cream of mushroom soup and reheated some beef rendang which we had tapau-ed from Poh Poh's. We washed up the plates, bowls, utensils and all. Footitie and Freckles brought spaghetti and garlic bread. Mighty Dan came over and prepared cocktail from sparkling juice, oranges and shandy as experiment. And the funny thing was that JT brought raw mee hoon instead of the already fried one. So that was a very last minute thing when Mighty Dan volunteered to fry the mee hoon for us. Hehe.. At least JT brought other stuffs like ice, a deck of cards and a bottle of Chivas Regal, so he was immediately forgiven. *lol*

Mini NY's Eve Pot Luck Dinner
Home-made food and drinks. Yummy!

By 9pm, all 6 of us were already attacking the food and agreed that the cocktail wasn't too bad after all. Then we gathered at the living room, watching Star Wars on Astro while playing Rummy and the guyz toasting on Chivas. The clock struck midnight, we all paused whatever we were doing, greeted each other "Happy New Year!!" and then resumed our activities.

To the new year.. Cheers!

That was how we celebrated NY's Eve. We no longer have the urge to go out and get mad with the rest of the world, but we were happy enough to have celebrated the occasion just among ourselves. And I sure was very glad that Inspector had planned a mini pot luck dinner even though it was a last minute thing. *Grin*

Hope you all had a great one too. A wonderful new year to everyone! *Hugz*


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