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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


[updated on 17th December 2007]

I had been experiencing short, sharp pains on my lower abdomen. Feeling very worried, I did some search over the Internet and came up with 3 possibilities - it's normal due to the stretching of ligaments; pending miscarriage (horror!) or an infection.

Left work early to consult Doc. Good news is that Baby is fine and healthy. *Phew* But true enough, I've had a mild UTI (urinary tract infection). Apparently Doc said that it's common amongst women, but even more common to get during pregnancy because everything just slows down, hence more easily prone to contract bacteria infection.

Thank goodness it's still very mild and can be treated with some antibiotics and a box of Ural, which has 12 granule sachets (like Eno) to re-acidize the urine. But if it goes untreated, the infection can possibly attack the kidneys, resulting in pre-term labor.

The visit set me back by almost 200 bucks. Learnt my lesson well. I'll have to drink lots and lots of water from now on. :( I must take good care of myself even more now. I'd do anything for Baby, coz Baby is our precious little one!

But the happiest thing is that Baby is nicely tucked within the sac, bigger and longer too! We even saw Baby's head and legs, so human-like!!! At almost 9 weeks, Baby is now measuring 18.5mm from crown to rump (buttock). We also heard Baby's heartbeat again, just to be sure. Tee hee hee!


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