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Saturday, November 17, 2007

2 Birthdays & A Wedding

[updated on 14th December 2007]

Today had been truly wonderful.

I woke up to a lovely breakfast suprise from Mummy in conjunction with my lunar birthday today. *Grin*

29th Lunar Birthday
2 red eggs and a butter bun

Shortly after that, got dressed up and drove out to pick up Labu to attend Hammie's wedding buffet lunch at Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort. It was really nice to be able to reunite with all the colleagues from my previous company. Just didn't seem as if we had even parted at all! Had only shared the good news with those close colleagues and they were just as excited as me! :)

After lunch, got a call from Hubby telling me that he bought me 5 packets of fresh roses (of colours red, dark pink, champagne, light pink and yellow), all for only 10 bucks! So darn cheap!!!

Picked him up once he had returned from Cameron's, we headed back to my parents' place and all of us went to La Bodega for a small pre-birthday celebration for Daddy.

La Bodega
Can't remember the names of the yummy dishes, sorry!

Hubby and I finally got back to our home sweet home, and we both excitedly trimmed the roses and arranged them in a vase before placing it on the coffee table. So nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful ending to a wonderful day/lunar birthday! *Grin*


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