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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Aftermath Of Thumper & Ivy

Just found out that my post about Thumper and Ivy's giving away was highlighted in a local forum. I honestly do not know what to make of this. Some said it was sad to give them away and giving to a breeder is worst off.. Some thinks it was a protest plight to a certain breeder for his wrongdoings. Some said that I or any ill-knowledged owners should not have kept them in the first place.

As much as I appreciate their opinions and their utmost love towards bunnies, I'd appreciate it more if they just let me pass. It already hurts to have given them away in the first place, and this is like rubbing more salt to the wound.

It definitely wasn't easy to come to that decision. From the moment I took over Thumper and Ivy from the previous lady owner, I had every intention to keep them. I got them groomed. I bought high quality Timothy Hay and the pellets. I had initially placed them at the side porch but immediately housed them in the kitchen instead because I wanted to protect them from any animals that trespass the place or even from thunder. I cleaned the cage everyday, fed them before I leave for work and when I got home. I let them out to roam around the kitchen, pat and talk to them as often as I could. If it hadn't been for the constant nagging from our parents about bad karma, bad for our health or bad whatsoever, Thumper and Ivy would still be in my house today. I don't blame our parents, I know where they come from and their good intention for our wellbeings.

I had tried hard to ask everyone I know if they were interested to be the new owners. I never had the intention to sell them off but to give them away. The major pet stores do not even want to accept or to help keep them until there's a new owner. Where else could I have gone? A fruit orchard lady in Semenyih didn't want to keep anymore rabbits. And to be fair, Beh did ask me to go to the local forum, but he gave me his word that he would keep them at his stall in Amcorp and help us find new owners. I trusted him. An hour after I gave them away, a friend coincidentally was in Amcorp and he saw that the cage was empty then, but the stall was still in operation. I had highly believed that they found new owners. If you do happen to have them (or either one) under your care, please let me know.

That being said, I've learnt my lesson. I should be more ready the next time I'd want to care for a pet. I honestly thank the forumers for reminding me of my mistake. I will not repeat what I've done.


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