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Sunday, July 08, 2007

One Year Since 08-07-06

"On our first anniversary.. Love has never felt so right."

A simple lunch with both our families together. And then a yummylicious Swiss cuisine for dinner, complimentary from the hotel where we had our wedding celebration exactly a year ago :-

Complimentary wedding anniversary dinner
Wedding anniversary dinner at Chalet Swiss Restaurant

Starter - Cream of wild forest mushroom soup served in a giant roll.

'Timeout' dessert - Passion fruit sorbet.

Main course - Hubby had the Cajun spice marinated spring chicken with mix peppercorn sauce, while I took the grilled fillet of seabass in balsamic glaze with new potatoes, spring vegetables and tomato salsa.

Dessert - We had a slice of cake each, and ice-cream coated in praline chocolates.

A live band also performed for us throughout the dinner. The lights were dimmed but enough for us to see our food. The place was quiet yet lovely and romantic, a perfect setting for our very first anniversary. And we went home with a photo card to remember the night and a stalk of rose.

One year now since the wedding. I can still remember every single part of the celebration and every single person - all those who had come to witness and share our day; the crewmembers whom without their help and more importantly their presence would not have made the wedding more memorable (yes, and who would ever forget the 'heng tais' having had part of their legs shaved); and our families for giving us their blessings and being supportive throughout the preparation. The more I look back at the hundreds of photos taken throughout the wedding, the more I'd smile. *grin* And I'd never forget how a huge part of my wish of the wedding dinner came true - that the dinner would be a reunion for all family members and friends, and indeed, everyone knew one another someway somehow.

I Give My Love Forever True
Precious Moments figurine - "I Give My Love Forever True"

One year now. It hadn't been entirely easy but we dealt with everything together as a team. We've had our ups and downs. Sure, we'd argued, we'd get annoyed over each other's quirky habits. Nevertheless, it had indeed been a truly wonderful year. It may sound tacky when I say that I just don't know how would I live without having Inspector in my life, but it's true and I don't regret saying "I do". I do not need a huge house to live in, a 5-digit amount worth of wedding ring to wear on my finger, nor a rich and famous husband. I am more than happy and contented to live in a humble yet cozy house, to be Mrs. Inspector, to be with someone who wants to grow old with me, to live through all the good and bad times together. *grin*

We now look forward to plan for our next honeymoon, hopefully to The States at the end of the year and bunk with Mighty Dan while there. Tee hee hee..


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