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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Honey, I'm Home!

[updated on 21st May 2007]

After a long 12-hour flight from Amsterdam to HK, an hour's wait for transit, 3 hours flight from HK to KLIA, watched Music & Lyrics, Charlotte's Web (3 times!) and Because I Said So, I am excited to announce that I am finally back home!!! YES!!!!!!!!!

I was practically in tears when I saw Inspector at the airport. Tears of joy, definitely. *grin*

Had lunch with my in-laws, and then dinner with my family. I must say, I was overjoyed when I weighed myself.. I gained 4 kgs!!! Not too bad, eh? *hoppity hop* Now my mission is to maintain that weight or to gain more. Hehe..

Going dating with my dear hubby tomorrow.. Yay!!!


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