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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Den Haag & Scheveningen

Yet another weekend day trip. This time we went to Den Haag but our main reason there was to go to the seaside in Scheveningen.

To reach Scheveningen, we had to take Tram 9 from Den Haag Centraal Station, stop at where Kurhaus Hotel is, and the seaside is just behind the hotel. The hotel is really magnificent! Then again, it wouldn't be if it's not a 5-star hotel. *lol*

Kurhaus Hotel
Kurhaus Hotel

It was nice to walk around the beach, to see so many things like the cafes, the lighthouse, the ferries. But one thing's for sure, it definitely wasn't as beautiful as Gold Coast. The water was really brownish and the sand weren't as golden and soft. How I long to be back in Gold Coast with Inspector. *Sighz* Oh well, back to Scheveningen. We got to witness people bungy jump 60 metres above the North Sea. One of them got up to the jumpcrane, stood there for almost 15 minutes before chickening out. My colleague was cursing at that person coz he had been waiting to take a picture of the person bungy jump and wasted his camera battery for the entire 15 minutes which of course, ended up dying after that. Hehehe..


Not too far away from Kurhaus Hotel is where you can find 23 fairy tale sculptures (otherwise known as 'sprookjes') by an American sculptor Tom Otterness for the Beelden aan Zee Museum. They were really cute!

Sprookjes a.k.a. Fairy tale sculptures
Top to bottom :- Tin soldier boat, Hansje Brinker, Mad Mom and Fish with Solder.

We stopped by at a stall for some ice-cream and I couldn't resist not taking photos of the candy sticks. So many colours, so many flavours. So diabetic!

Which colour do you want?

And of course, being in Scheveningen means you must try the seafood there. So I got myself fried 'garnalens' (which means prawns) from Simonis which turned out really tasteless if not for the thousand island sauce. There went my EUR 5. *Sighz*

Garnalen (prawns) from Simonis
Fried garnalens that weren't worth the money

We left Scheveningen and took the tram back to Den Haag. The map that I got off the Internet weren't very detailed, so we ended up getting lost in the city centre. *Double sighz*

Den Haag
Government buildings and statues

But there were also a couple of interesting things in Den Haag.

Found in Den Haag
The clock, giant-sized backpack, rows of bicycles (ok, this is not very interesting) and stickmen decors above a building

Somehow I don't find Den Haag a very interesting place. Then again, I probably didn't venture to more of those tourist attractions. Hhhm... Anyhow, another city off the 'Places to Visit in the Netherlands' list!


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