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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Planning For The Coming Weekends

I'm busy making plans for the coming weekends till the day I leave Netherlands. Tee hee hee..

So far, I've been to these places :-

- the HQ of Red company, where I was on training during the first 2 weeks upon arrival in The Netherlands. The home of painter Johannes Vermeer. The residence of William of Orange (didn't even realize that I took a picture of his statue!). Also famous for its hand-painted porcelain.

- twice! Hehe.. 7 years ago, I went for the pedal-biking around the canals, saw how 'window shopping' is there, heard about 'coffeeshops' and watched a live sex show at Red Light District (RLD). This time, I went for the boat ride, entered the Sex Museum and brought my colleagues to RLD. I hope to go to Amsterdam again. I wanna visit Anne Frank's house, Heineken Experience and probably take some pictures in Van Gogh museum for Gummy.

Den Haag
- the city of peace and justice. Had only visited Madurodam where the miniatures of Holland are. And 7 years ago to Scheveningen, a fishing village (I think!), in short it's famous for seafood! Plan to go to this city again to visit the museums (like Escher in Het Paleis, and Het Mauritshuis).

- the only interesting spots (for me!) were the Kijk-Kubus (cubic houses), Oude Haven and Euromast Tower.

- where I'm currently staying for 2 months. So far, I had only gone up the Dom Tower and walked around the markets.

For the next coming weekends, this is what I plan to do:-

7-8 Apr : Easter weekend (9th is a public holiday!). Colleagues are going to Belgium, so I'm free to roam around Utrecht myself (I'm dying for a bookstore that sells English reading material and wanna check out the canal houses).
14-15 Apr : Keukenhof with my colleagues - see lots and lots of tulips!!
21-22 Apr : A colleague might want to go to Germany, so either I'll go visit a city myself or with them.
28-29 Apr : 30th is public holiday - Queen's Day. Colleagues are going to Paris. I'm gonna stay back to witness the celebration. I heard the whole country's gonna be in orange and there's a procession!
5-6 & 12-13 May : Day trip visits to a few more cities. Any suggestions where? Leiden, perhaps? Or Muiden to see Muiderslot Castle, but no idea where is that. Or Volendam?
17 May : Public holiday again - Ascension Day. What do the Dutch do on this day?
18 May : Depart from The Netherlands and fly back to Malaysia. YES!

Sounds fun, eh???? Hehehehehhe....


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