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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dutch Pox

[updated on 19th March 2007]

It all started on Monday with a tiny pimple on the back of my waist. On Tuesday morning, it looked like a blister which I so happily "popped" it. Later in the afternoon, I felt another pimple somewhere near to the first one. In the evening, I had more pimples on the body. What was happening to me??

I frantically asked my colleagues and they suspected that it could be chicken pox. My mind went crazy after that. "WHAT?? Chicken pox?!!! Here??!! Now???!!!". I never had chicken pox, and when I do have it, it has to be now when I'm so far away from my husband and family??!!

By this morning, it was indeed chicken pox and my colleagues told me that I would have already gotten it more than a week ago before they started popping out. So I thought that I could have contracted the virus while at any of the airports while travelling to Holland. Only later did I find out that one of my Dutch colleagues' son was recently recovering from chicken pox and I could have gotten it from him (well, theoretically, my colleague could have hugged his son and the virus stuck onto his clothes or something).

*Sighz* What bad timing, man. Of all places and time, it had to be here and now while I'm in Delft, and I just didn't know what to do. I'd so wish that I'm back at home so that Inspector and my parents could take good care of me. *sobs*

The trainer was kind enough to drop by at the nearest pharmacy, got me some lotion (for ages 0 - 6 years!) to soothe the itchiness and a packet of cotton to dab the lotion with, and even helped translated the instructions. Now my colleagues keep reminding me not to scratch on them; not to take any dark, oily and fried food; and to make sure I pop some Panadol whenever I feel that I'm going down with fever coz apparently if I do get fever, it will be more 'san fu'.

Chicken pox is "waterpokken" in Dutch

I so want to go home now.... I really want to be home.....


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