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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Rat Race

After a long CNY break, I'm finally back into the workforce and this time, joining the rat race, right smack in the heart of the town.

It's a whole new world being in the new firm. The previous company provided a very relaxed environment, less stress and allows casual attire. This one shows lots of signs of stress, everything needs to be documented online and there's a lot of restrictions in whatever you do. Got to wear smart and act smart too. As much as I absolutely dread having to brave through the horrendous traffic, I feel that I'll be able to gain good experience as well as disciplining myself work-wise.

Here I am, sitting in the HR room, overlooking almost the entire half of the city. It's a great view, but it's only a temporary place. Hopefully when I get back from Netherlands, I'll have a good seating place then. Speaking of Netherlands, I'm definitely flying off on Saturday afternoon. It's gonna be a long journey there, and two-and-a-half months stay in Delft and Utrecht. Looks like I'll only be back middle of May. I'm already upset at the thought of having to leave my husband at home throughout that period.

Somehow I wish the trip will be shortened. I am so hoping for that. *sobs*


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