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Friday, January 26, 2007

Sleepy Drive

Driving home from work these few days had been a tiring affair. I could hardly keep my eyes open, and the snail-paced traffic made it worse to stay awake. So much that I "kissed" a car last evening.

It all happened very fast. I did not realize that I dozed off behind the wheel until I heard a crash sound. We both stopped at the side of the road and saw that my Kelisa was still ok, except that a small part of the car plate number got chipped off, whereas his Perdana was dented along the boot handle. I apologized to him and his friend and told them I was too sleepy. We didn't know how much it would cost to repair his car, but I offered to pay and even showed them that I only had a couple of 10 bux notes in my wallet.

He was really nice, though. He said that he would get it repaired himself, and told me to keep my money even though I insisted to pay coz it was really my fault. His friend said not to cry and told me to be careful the next time.

Whoever you are, thank you so much for letting me off. I'm really sorry for being so careless. Perhaps housechores and work have been overwhelming these few days, especially with the rabbits around, but that's not a good excuse to be careless on the road. I will be more alert the next time. I am so sorry for that.


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