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Monday, January 22, 2007

Resignation Day

After deciding to take the next step in my career and got myself into a dilemma between two different job offers, I had finally tendered my resignation today.

It finally happened. Knowing that I'm at a risk of losing my annual increment and my second half of the bonus, I had to do it today. It's funny, I had consulted the HR Manager on my termination date in the morning, typed out the letter, and knocked on Dexter's door to speak to him, only to be told to "come back later, after lunch". *Gah*

I managed to speak to him after lunch. He asked to reconsider, but I declined. It was a short conversation as I would need to speak to NR tomorrow about my resignation since he's on leave today. As I stepped out of Dexter's room, I felt so heartbroken.... I felt like crying... I just couldn't believe that it happened.. That I'm leaving an easygoing working environment to join the rat race in the city centre... That I'm leaving my lovely bunch of colleagues whom I'd grown to cherish every single moment with them throughout the past 6+ years...

Serving notice is until 19th March, but with my accumulated annual leave days, my last day of employment with my current firm will be either 16th or 23rd February, depending on whether I'd wanna come back to work during the CNY week or just take unpaid leave instead.

So that's it... One more month till the end of my journey with my current firm, and a new journey begins.... Gosh... I feel so upset...


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