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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Exclusive French Cuisine

[updated on 18th March 2007]

The training academy arranged us yet another suprise dinner. This time, it was a French cuisine at Restaurant Savarin with the CEO. Very unbelievable indeed to be able to have dinner with the top person in the multinational firm. We were able to mingle around and have a chat with him, to tell him personally on our thoughts and feelings about being the new employees in the firm, and for him to emphasize the company's missions and strategies.

French Cuisine in Savarin
Tuna lasagne and beef steak. Yummy!

The one thing I will never forget is that he told us that he made a visit down to the Malaysian office and he brought a pin along. The whole office was dead silent, and he could hear the drop of the pin. He decided to investigate on why is everyone there so quiet. Apparently he found out that the HR director told all the employees to be silent when he is around. He didn't like that, so he fired the HR director. 'Keng', leh?

The next time he goes visiting and if we are around, we must make helluva noise in front of him then. Heheheh...


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