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Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Day In Rotterdam

[updated on 19th March 2007]

We're off to Rotterdam today and before we got onto the train, we made a quick stop at the Kiosk. I got myself some goodies to munch on just in case if I get hungry. Hehe.. Oh by the way, a note for you to remember... If you do plan to visit Holland and want to exchange currency, please ask for notes 50 Euro and below, coz most places here do not accept any notes above that.

Centraal Station
Goodies & notes that are not accepted

It was a very chilling weather today and we had a hard time finding our directions around Rotterdam even though we had a map in our hands! Practically everything is in Dutch, so we had to ask around. Fortunately a nice, elderly couple who were on their way to their tea shop walked with us a bit while giving us the directions where we could also walk pass the World Trade Centre and the shopping area (more things for us to see, they told us). Dutch people are really friendly, I tell you.

The first place we stopped at was the Kjik-Kubus, a.k.a. the Cubic Houses. The houses were so strangely built that we wondered who in the right mind would ever want to live in such houses!

Would you want to live here?

The Cubic Houses are situated very near to the OudeHaven, which means "Old Harbour". But it was too cold so we had to practically walk away from the harbour as fast as we could. Hehe..

We had lunch, Ha Ku and I stopped by at Van Haren coz I wanted to buy a pair of boots. Costed me 19.90 Euros, but damn nice! Then we found our way towards Euromast, the KL Tower look-a-like. Went up to the Panorama platform which was of course, very cold up there. And I was too chicken-shit to go up to the peak. More like I was afraid that I would get blown off the tower and die a painful way. Hehhehee...

A day in Rotterdam

By the time we got back to Delft, it was already 10pm plus. Legs were aching and all. But it was yet another day of fun. Doubt we'll be able to do any visiting the next weekend coz it will be time for us to move to Utrecht. Oh well, back to training tomorrow!


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