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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Madurodam & Amsterdam

[updated on 19th March 2007]

We decided to spend the whole day travelling to Amsterdam by train, but making the pit stop at Madurodam where the miniatures of Holland are.

The buildings were nicely scaled to the actual sizes and every single nitty-gritty carvings on the buildings were very well done too.

The miniatures of Holland

Even the inner parts of the buildings were very detailed! The plants were real and trimmed to smaller sizes. The cable cars and vehicles were moving, and oh, the waterfall is so lovely!

More on Madurodam
So detailed, right down to the small little things!

Somehow I felt like a monster, wanting to trample around the whole place. Heheh..

Next up was to Amsterdam, where we made our first stop at the Sex Museum. Awfully disappointing coz it's all really like a museum, so don't bother going there. We then took a boat trip around the canals which was also not worth the money coz you don't really get to stop to take pictures. Some of my colleagues literally wanted to doze off during the ride. Hehe...

Since I've been to Amsterdam before back in year 2000, I decided to bring them to the Red Light District for some eye-opener, with the warning that there will be a lot of 'window shopping' but the 'models' are not very, very gorgeous. And indeed, my colleagues had their eyes wide opened! *lol* Had also warned them about the coffeeshops coz over in Holland, coffeeshops mean cafes that serve weed in all sorts of food and drinks like milkshake, cookies and 'spacecakes'. And the smell of weed is very awful! Yuck!

The city of drugs and prostitution

We had a great time though. Tomorrow, Rotterdam!


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