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Friday, March 16, 2007

Last Night in Delft

It's our last night in Delft. Tomorrow morning, we will move to Utrecht, to where our second (more like, an aquired) company is located in.

Before I took an early exit coz I wasn't feeling so well, we were invited to watch a 10-minute video that was compiled by the training team, recordings of our activities during the first week. They also projected our faces one by one for introduction of the new colleagues which I must say, was pretty embarassing. We're the first batch of trainees that had the training in Delft, so that video was the first of everything. But overall, it was funny and fun. Hehe.. After 2 weeks of getting to know the rest of the training colleagues from all around the world, I know that I will miss them a lot. I will miss the fun activities like preparing dinner in a restaurant, fine dining with the CEO and not forgetting, learning to draft beer during the bar party. I truly enjoyed the moments. What's more, I got to hang out with the colleagues of various positions for example, I can tell people that I prepared sushi with one of the Deputy Directors (he looks a bit like Vin Diesel, actually. Hehe!).

It was a great experience. Also, it's an experience I'll never forget - contracting chicken pox in Delft! No matter how much I'd tell everyone that it's awfully bad timing to get it while here, I'd have to be thankful that I don't have so much of problems like everyone else in Malaysia. It's the fact that it's very cooling here so I don't feel heaty. One of my colleagues told me that if you 'kena' wind before the blisters appear, you won't get so much of them, which was kind of true as I don't get much on the face and on the hands. I'm also thankful that Dutch food is very healthy (bread, ham, salad, cheese and all) so there's no problem of me having to avoid food with dark sauce, fried and oily stuffs. I'd just have to refrain from eating chicken and junk food, i.e. Doritos!

As we move to another journey tomorrow, I hope that it will be yet another experience and even more so, I can't wait to be home.


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