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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Picturesque Delft

I really, really want the whole chicken pox thing to go away now. The itch is making me crazy. I feel so ill and to make things worse, I look so ugly. Well... Not that I'm darn pretty in the first place.

I'm actually free to roam around despite having chicken pox coz apparently, all the Dutch people have either had it when they were young or they have gotten the vaccination jab. But still.. When you don't feel like yourself, you would not want to go out and face the world. :(

But anyway, while walking back to the hotel after today's training, a colleague helped me snap a picture of the lake and the surroundings during sunset.

Delft During Sunset
The colours of the sunset in Delft

It's sooo beautiful and serene that I would understand if people choose Delft to migrate to, well that is if they don't mind living in a quiet and small city. But then again, won't that be a lovely place to retire? Hehe..


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