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Monday, March 19, 2007

Working Day Trip To Arnhem

On the first day of our work in the second company (I'll call it the Green company while our main company will be the Red company, they're the colours of the companies' respective logos), we were told that we would be going to Arnhem for the entire afternoon! How cool is that?!

We got free visits to the Openluchtmuseum (which I think it means 'open-aired museum'). We visited the Collections museum. It's a museum where a small number of collectors display their collections. It's really fascinating, coz there's one collector who collects all sorts of shopping lists. There's one person who has tattoos all over his body. There's one who collects all the Jesus-related figures and crosses. There's one who collects all orange stuffs of Holland. There's one (this is weird) who collects vomitting bags from airlines. And this one I really like, this person collected sooooooooo many piggy banks!

Arnhem Openluchtmuseum
Avid collectors' collections

Then we walked around the farm, where we saw many windmills and farm animals.

Arnhem Farm Animals
Spring is here!

Later in the evening, the colleagues brought us to the city centre where we feasted on Japanese buffet. Yum yum! But I had to refrain from eating prawns, crabsticks, chicken and so many more.. *sulk*

Chinese-Japanese buffet in Arnhem
All-expenses paid buffet

After the whole trip, they fetched us back. So nice of them, ah!


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