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Friday, March 23, 2007

Up To The Dom Tower We Go!

The Green colleagues have organized yet another afternoon outing for us today. This time, they brought us to visit the Dom Tower.

Dom Tower
The journey up the Dom Tower

In #1, the Dom Tower was part of the Cathedral Church. They built the tower (112 metres high) and the right side of the church first. They lacked funding to build the center part, hence the plain look of that part when compared to the tower and the church. If I'm not mistaken, a storm brewed and torn the foundations of the center part of the old cathedral which leaves the tower and the church separated until today.

#2 was sort of the beginning of the spiraled-stairs climbing after we got fascinated with the gigantic carillon bells in #3. As we climbed up the stairs, they got steeper and smaller. Colleagues and I just kept panting after every step, and kept asking if we are there yet at the next stop.

#4 was at the 2nd highest peak. It was so awfully windy up there that I just stuck myself to one side of the wall, fearing that I would be blown off the tower and die a painful death. Hehe.. By then, I was already contemplating whether I should continue the climb up to the peak between the walls in #5. A colleague insisted that since we were already up there, we might as well complete it. So we braved ourselves up the even steeper steps in #6.

After climbing more than 400 steps from the ground, we finally reached the peak in #7! I tell you, it was so bloody chilling and windy there that I could hardly move. Thank goodness for the netting that keeps us safe. Hehe.. But of course, since I was already up there, I thought why not take a bird's eye view of the city.

Bird's Eye View of Utrecht
Utrecht, taken in between the nettings

Walking down wasn't as tiring as walking up, but it was indeed very dizzy going down the spiral stairs. By the time I reached the ground, my legs were already wuzzy. My colleague was so afraid that I would faint there. *lol*

Then we proceeded to Bison Bowling for a few rounds of bowling and then had barbeque dinner there, all paid for again by Green company. Had fun today but I am so not gonna walk up the Dom Tower ever again. Once is already enough for me. Even walking up the steps in Batu Caves was not that tiring!


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