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Friday, April 06, 2007


TGIGF = Thank God It's Good Friday!

It's Easter Friday today and it's a public holiday for so many countries. Or rather, at least I know that Red company's offices in parts of Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Chile are closed today. I suspect that many companies here in Utrecht are closed too coz the buses seemed quite empty, i.e. for once I didn't need to stand!

Was so darn sleepy until my colleague told us that we can actually go off at 4pm today, an hour earlier than usual. I am sooooooo wide awake now!! Tee hee hee.. All the small little things that make me happy. :D I get to go back earlier! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Now, I have a tiny weeny problem. I guess I'm already recovered from chicken pox. No more new pox and scabs are healing (but there are still lots of black spots.. How ah??!!). The thing is, my teammates told me not to take chicken, chocolates and dark sauces. One of them even said that he had to abstain from eating chicken for 3 months after getting chicken pox.

How long should I really avoid these stuffs? Coz it's Easter and I wanna go buy some yummy Easter chocolate eggs...... How ah?? Can I take chocolate now? Can I? Can I? *bambi eyes*

Happy Easter, everyone!!


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