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Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Monday Walk

Colleagues have gone to Brussels for the weekend and I heard that shops would be opened on Easter Monday. So I decided to go out to the city centre again.

So darn disappointed when I saw all the shops were closed instead. *sad* But it was alright. Armed with a map and my camera, I explored around again. This time, I saw more statues which unfortunately, I really did not know who did the statues resemble except the one on Anne Frank. Well, that also coz the name was engraved on the stone. Hehe..

Statues in Utrecht
Statues in Utrecht

I went on a search for the Museum of Chimes and Barrel Organs. According to the map, I get to compose my own music box tune there. After 20 minutes or so and asking directions, I found myself at Museum van Speelkolk. For EUR 7, I joined the guided tour and saw so many barrel organs of various sizes. Some of them goes to the size of a 3-seat couch, or probably even larger!

Museum van Speelklok
Left: Largest barrel organ; right : cute music boxes

After a tiring 3-hour walk, I lavished on a fresh, hot croquette and yummy vanilla milkshake from Bram Ladage.

Bram Ladage

Such a relaxing Easter holiday!


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