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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Typical Saturday in Utrecht

Since it's Saturday, I decided to walk around the city again. I'm on a mission to scout for a bookstore that sells lots of English reading materials. I'm dying for one!

Did some walking around, and I see people queuing up to buy fresh and hot fries to munch. I see traders selling all sorts of things, from fresh fruits and veges to clothes, to pashminas (they go for 2 for EUR 5), to shoes and oh, flowers! Lots and lots of flowers. So colourful and so cheap! I see a man playing the harp by the roadside. I see people hanging out by the canals, having drinks and enjoying the lovely sun. If I had a book with me, I would have 'lepakked' by the canals too. :

Typical Saturday in Utrecht
The colours in Utrecht

I did a pitstop at the Dom cathedral again. This time round, I entered the church and saw the lovely garden in the center.

Dom Tower & Church
Dom Tower & the Church

In the end, I got myself a book at Selxyz & Broese. A 2-way English-Dutch pocket dictionary! Tee hee hee.. For EUR 7.95, I can finally read the newspapers other than the TV guide!! Whooppeee do!


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