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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pannenkoeken Weekend

Yet another Sunday which means hanging out by the canals again. *grin*

This time we went to De Oude Muntkelder. Apparently when Google-ing for places to eat in Utrecht, pancakes at De Oude Muntkelder had been recommended several times. Surely it must be good, right?

My teammates and I ordered different types of pancakes so that we could all try them together. We ordered the bacon and apple pancakes, banana and cheese pancakes, and fruit cocktail pancakes. The first two pancakes remind me so much of our Malaysian 'roti canai'. Imagine a 'roti pisang' costs not more than RM 2, but over here, a banana pancake is about EUR 7.90 . Madness! The fruit cocktail pancakes looked nice and yummy though.

De Oude Muntkelder
Pannenkoeken (which means pancakes) at De Oude Muntkelder

The weather this week had been below 20 degrees. And it's supposed to be spring now! I need the sun desperately!!!!!


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