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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cheesy Gouda

First lesson, the city of Gouda is pronounced as "How-da". The 'g' is always pronounced as 'h'. So weird.

Anyway, on a very windy and drizzling Saturday, 3 brave men and woman went on a 20-minute train ride to Gouda, the city of cheese. The wind was so awfully strong that one of the men's cap got blown away and the woman could hardly walk forward.

But they did manage to walk, and walk they did all around the little town. The City Hall and De Waag (the weighing house) at the market square. The Lazaruspoortje gate, the entrance to Catharina Gasthuis Museum.

Howdy Gouda!

When one visits Gouda, one must go see the "Gouda Windows" which are the stained glass windows of St. Janskerk, a.k.a St. John's Church.

St. Janskerk
Gouda Windows

I suppose a Christian should know what the pictures represent... The birth of Jesus.. The bearing of the cross.. The last supper.. The beheading of John the Baptist.. And lastly, Jesus washing Peter's feet.

The bravehearts then went on a search for the De Roode Leeuw windmill as it was also the National Windmill Day but because it was so awfully windy, they chickened out, for the fear of being blown away while they are at the top of the windmill. *lol*

Of course, before the end of any trips, they would always stop by for some souvenirs. Thus more money taken out from the woman's pockets on purchases of a few sets of pot holders, handphone strings, and more fridge magnets for families and friends. Not cheese though, it would be too heavy to carry back home! The woman could not resist the temptation of taking some photos of cute chocolates in the bakery.

Yummy chocolates!
Yummy chocs in all shapes, colours and sizes

By 6 in the evening, the three stooges were safely home, back in the warmth of the heaters and watching Beverly Hills Cops 2 on telly.


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