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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hello Schiphol

To think that I'm 2 days early to say that. But hey, I'm very excited coz I'm gonna go home very very soon! In less than 48 hours, I'd be on that plane, heading home. Oh I so can't wait!

It's my last day of training today, thus the end of my journey in the Netherlands. Someone asked if I'd be upset having to leave my Dutch colleagues. I might, a bit. I've had the opportunity to work with them throughout these 2 months. I've made friends with them. I've had the opportunity to travel around the country, to visit so many cities, see so many new things, meet many new people. But home is still home. It's where I belong. And I won't trade it for any other place. :)

Holland is having a public holiday again tomorrow, this time it's Ascension Day (40th day after Jesus' resurrection). The other team must be darn jealous coz we have more holidays here than them in Malaysia. *lol* Will be heading up to Amsterdam again tomorrow for some last-minute shopping. The shops had better be opened!

I'll be flying off on Friday afternoon (NL time) and landing in KLIA on Saturday afternoon (KL time). I'm imagining myself seeing Inspector at the airport and running towards him ala Hindi movie. Hehe.. The weekend is reserved for my family and in-laws. Then it's another new journey on Monday, i.e. back to real work! The other team is demanding for a present from each of us. Hahaha! It's funny how we totally did not even know each other before then, came to Holland together and had gotten chummy. Ever since the other team went back to Malaysia, we've been chatting online everyday during our overlapping working hours and they're also counting down the days we'll all see each other again. *smile*

Will not be having any Internet access until I'm back home. So I'll see you all back in Malaysia, kay? Be good and please pray for me for a safe flight home. And to you, Bozo, have a safe journey back too! Till our lunch date! *wink*

See ya, all! *Hugz*


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