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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Little One

The little one, still nameless is still surviving. *grin*

At day 3, it now has fur all over its body. I could now see the eyes and the ears. Oohh.. I could see the teeth too! It's remarkable how something so very fragile 2 days ago now look slightly formed. Kind of like how it is to watch a human baby grow, every day is a new development. Every day you'd just wanna stay there and look at the baby, at every turn, every yawn, every single movement.

The little one
The little one

We had been planning to give them away in a few weeks time (this will really make both sides of our parents darn happy! *sighz*) and did not even know that Ivy was pregnant, well, until she gave birth, that is. Now that the little one is here, I'm even more hesitant to give it away. *sobs* We're gonna put the plan on hold for a while, at least until the little one can live on its own.

Until then, I just hope that whoever we will give them to, will be great owners. *sniff*


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