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Monday, June 25, 2007

Granny Bunny

Baby Ivy gave birth to 2 kits today.

Earlier this morning, she had already pulled out tremendously huge amount of fur and laid them on the ground. She was also chewing on something pinkish (which I later thought it could be the placenta). I had suspicion that she could be giving birth soon, as I had read before on the Internet that female rabbits do that when they are about to give birth or assume that they are about to do (also known as 'false pregnancy').

Later in the afternoon, I had Inspector check on her and true enough, there were 2 "additional" lumps in Ivy's side of the cage. 1 survived, 1 did not. It's soooooo red, so fur-less, blind yet cute!

'Jellybean' stage - the reddish one at the back is the survivor

Until now, I have no freaking idea how were they able to mate coz all the while when I was away in Holland, they had been separated. Oh, except that one time when they moved the separator away and were at the same side of the cage! Then again, that was more than a month ago. Or maybe when we let them out and Thumper tried to hump on Ivy a few times. Could it be during then?? But he couldn't even aim and we always tried to shoo him away!

I just hope that the little one will survive, but Ivy doesn't seem to be feeding it.. *prays* Oh and do you know this, they will eat their own babies if they feel that the babies are being threatened. Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww......


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