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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Skybridge

A colleague from the Green company arrived in Malaysia yesterday. My teammates and I have decided to bring him to visit the Skybridge today. Then again, none of us had been there before.

Because I usually arrive at the office way, way early in the morning so I was asked to queue for the tickets. When I arrived at the counter, there were already at least 60 people in the queue and that was only 7.30am! The counter only opens at 8.30am! By 8.15am or so, there were at least another 80-100 people waiting behind me. Crazy!!! Tickets are free but still, this is worse than queueing up for GSC Gold Class movie tickets! Each person are only allowed to collect 5 tickets, and we have 11 people. I had to send mass SMSes to my teammates for help, to have at least 2 more persons to queue with me. Thank goodness Gastric and Piglet came to the rescue. *grin*

Well, the visit had better be worth the wait!


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