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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

RIP, Little One

The baby bunny did not survive after all. It only lived for 8 days. Just 2 days short of having its eyes opened. *sobs*

It was already very limp when I got home from work. It looked extremely thin and with sunken stomach. I went on to clean the cage and saw it give a huge long breath. I seriously thought it was just yawning. 5 minutes later, it stopped breathing. I tried to move it a little but the whole body had already hardened. *sobs*

I realized that Ivy hadn't been feeding the baby. Was so darn mad at Ivy but couldn't help blaming myself coz I did not do anything. I thought by covering the whole cage with a cloth would make Ivy care for the baby coz apparently it's better if they're kept in a dark and closed place. Sue said that I should have "stuck the baby's mouth to the mother's nipple". *sobs*

We had initially planned to give Ivy and Thumper away, coz first of all, it had been a real hassle to take care of them. And our parents had been making a big fuss about keeping pets in the house. One side said it's not good for children's health (like, not that we're having one now anyway). The other side said it's bad karma to keep pets, it's best to release them.

So yeah, we were planning to give them away or release them somewhere. That was until the little one came along suddenly and then the plans changed to release them only when the little one is a few more months older. But now that it is dead, looks like we would have to stick back to the initial plan..

I'm just sadden at the thought of parting with them, and very upset that the little one did not live longer.. I miss the little one already... *sobs*


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