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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Project Bring Norah Jones to Malaysia

Gummy: Do you like Norah Jones?

That was when the excitement began. Came the birth of Project Bring Norah Jones to Malaysia, the start of the blog and rallying up members to make this project come true.

Norah Jones
Norah Jones

I like this picture coz she's posing in front of the keyboards. Hehe.. To be honest, I'm not an obsessive fan of Norah Jones'. But I do love to listen to a couple of her songs and it would indeed be really nice to actually listen to her live on our Malaysian soil. Heck, if this works, we can actually bring in many more of our favourite singers! Coincidentally, lately I've been back to the Oasis era and just couldn't get over Live Forever, Whatever, Stand By Me, Don't Go Away, Champagne Supernova, Some Might Say, She's Electric, Don't Look Back in Anger, All Around the World, oh just to name a few. So I'd really love to watch Oasis.. Oohh.. Michael W. Smith and the original London cast of Les Miserables (if all of them are still alive, up and still performing!). *giggle*

So do come support us as we aim to make this mission a successful one. To borrow from Adidas, "Impossible Is Nothing". Come visit BringNorah blog and help us in whatever way you can. We have the power!


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