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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Baby's "First" Trip

[updated on 13th December 2007]

At 7 and a half weeks, Baby was already travelling to Cameron Highlands in Mummy's womb. I suddenly felt like a kangaroo. Tee hee hee..

Hubby and I joined my family up to the highlands yesterday. It was some sort of a family trip before Sis flies off to Hong Kong early next month to work and eventually, get married and live there.

We stayed a night at the apartments in Hotel Equatorial. Just cozy enough for the 5, sorry, 6 of us. *Grin* We ate a lot, did a lot of shopping at the veggie and flower stalls. To think that there's nothing much you can buy in Cameron's, we have Mummy and Sis buying loads of corns, veggies, gerberas, cactus, flavoured tea bags and even a chilli plant!

Cameron Highlands
Lots and lots of food!

We also took the time to buy a few cake slices to celebrate Sis' lunar birthday later at night. It was a good trip. Well, besides the fact that Mummy was extra cautious about what I eat and drink. She even insisted of holding my hand while crossing the roads or even just walking. Tsk tsk... :)


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