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Thursday, November 15, 2007


[updated on 14th December 2007]

Being pregnant can undoubtedly be so exhausting and sometimes frustrating.

Nowadays I'm usually very tired and tend to snooze a bit at work. At least my manager, Big Brother is understanding. I told him about the pregnancy the next day after we found out about it. He, having 2 kids of his own, immediately threw out advices and whatever 'pantang larangs' he knew of. He had also loaned me a couple of classical CDs to listen to, which apparently is good for Baby's brains. My colleagues, one by one, knew about the pregnancy too, especially after witnessing me almost hurling over lunch one day. Hehe.. They're all very kind and thoughtful though. Even though I'm just 8 weeks pregnant, they're already helping me pick up things and be wary on what I do, where I go.

It's the same back home. Only that Hubby's more protective. He had forbidden me to do any heavy housechores. In fact, not even sweeping the floor nor washing the dishes. *Sighz* This is the frustrating part coz all these while, I've been doing the chores and suddenly I'm cut off from doing them. All I'm allowed to do is to rest, sleep, eat, watch tv, sleep, read and sleep. Feel darn bad coz Hubby has to do all the housechores. :(

Now that Hubby has gone up to Cameron Highlands again today (this time it's some sort of a company event), I'm staying over at my parents' place. Mummy's always trying to make me eat and drink something. She didn't believe me when I told her that I have evening sickness until I really threw up the entire dinner. And then she fed me even more. *Sighz* Can't blame her though, she cares a lot.

Anyway, I promised Hammie to help him make a presentation slideshow for his wedding this coming Saturday. So, gotta go!

PS:- Happy birthday, dear Sis!!!!! *Hugz*


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