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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crazy Christmas Party

[updated on 21st December 2007]

Definitely an unproductive day at work, especially when we are about to take a super long Christmas break starting tomorrow. It was however, a day of fun, joy and laughter.

My teammates and I came dressed in red and white colours, excitedly looking forward to the day. We had our gift exchange session in which our budget was to be within the range of RM10 and RM15. I drew a lovely Christmas mug and a teddy bear to come along with it. *Grin* Then we went to Pavillion for lunch and was back to the office with 2 boxes of J.Co doughnuts. Yummy!

We spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for a mini Christmas party soon after for the entire department. Then everyone in the department just went crazy with the games in which we played Scoop the Snow (scooping cotton balls using spoons blindfolded) and Binary Search (guessing the number, and if guessed correctly, the balloon will be burst over their heads). We then popped sparkling juices and champagne party poppers, cheering to the joyous ending of a wonderful year.

Crazy Christmas Party
Going crazy!

Can't believe that I've been working in this company for almost a year and I've had so much of fun with my colleagues throughout the period. I've been appointed a committee member for the department. We vow to make the department even more lively and a fun place to work in for everyone!


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