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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Patchee Turns 28

[updated on 17th December 2007]

Gee.. Can't believe that it's been a year since my last birthday! And this time around, we have Baby to celebrate with us... From within the womb! *Grin*

Daddy and Mummy has been away for a pilgrimage trip to India. So I had a quiet pre-celebration somewhere near Terminal 3 on Sunday with Hubby and his friends. Today, I spent the entire day with Hubby and Sis at The Curve/Cineleisure/Ikano - lunch at Kenny Roger's, watched Bee Movie, walked a bit, and then dinner at Paddington's Pancakes.

Paddington's Pancakes
So many pancakes!!

The cool presents I got this year, even though they're all pregnancy-related...

28th Birthday Pressies

Hubby: The bestest, bestest birthday gift ever - BABY!!!! *Grin*

Sis: Mango Body Butter from Body Shop. Yummy smell! And oh, a birthday cake suprise! Double yum!

Princess: Pregnancy Countdown book. This is so darn cute! Measures the baby's growth according to fruit sizes and there's always something to read for each day throughout the entire pregnancy!

Chef, Footitie, Xiao Ping and Blur Sotong: Stretch mark removal cream from The Natural Source.

The birthday calls from Aneh, Wan Nei (happy birthday to you too!!!), Pa, Virgin Boy (from Melbourne), Labu, and a truly suprising one from Moorish (now in Houston). Thank you, peops! *Hugz*

The birthday SMS-es...

"Hi... Patchee... Happy birthday... Wish u a great year ahead, happy always and may ur dreams come true.. Take care!" - Suwee

"Patchee dear, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! may dis birthday bring more wealth, happiness n love in ur life. have fun on ur special day! *hugsnkisses*" - Curry Ayam

"To someone with a beautiful heart... Happy Birthday! Wish you luck and happiness today and all year through! :)" - Sek Long

"Happy birthday to u!" - Gastric

"Happy birthday!" - Bubble

"Happy Birthday! Have a good one ya :)" - Telco Boy

"Happy birthday girl.. first bday w 2 heartbeats.. so cool" - Sue

"Happy birthday patchee! Wish you the best of luck and the best of health for the 3 of you. :)" - Chef

"Happy birthday patchee! And congrats on your pregnancy too! you're gonna be a mom! Unbelievable!" - Spike in Sydney

"Many happy returns of the day my lovely Sunshine. May u have a wonderful day. Make sure ur hubby spoils u." - BP guy

"Happy Birthday Patchee! Have a great day. Cheers." - Poop Shooter

"Happy birthday patchee! Hope u have d best one ever! Love to baby too! Take care! xoxo" - NZ couple

"Happy birthday.. And many happy returns of the day. :D" - Ma

"Patchee. Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day off with lk (lou kong)!" - Mighty Dan

"Happy birthday la wahahaha pigi mana celebrate? 2molo must come ah." - Hedgie

"Happy birthday! Wishing u many many happy returns, especially with a new member to ur little family. ;)" - Blur Sotong

"Happy bday! Now your turn, how to celebrate?" - Soo Soo Monster now in Paris

"Oikkk happy birthday! hehe.. And another year older liao. :) *hugz*" - Der Der

"Happy Birthday!" - Cow

"Happy Birthday mrs.Inspector. Hehehe.. May u have a good year ahead of u." - Sabby

"Hi! Happy birthday. Another year older, another year wiser. :) Best wishes!" - FRG still in Bangladesh

"Happy birthday patchee!" - Seng Kor

"Happy happy happy burfday! May all ur wishes come true!" - Gummy

Thank you, thank you so much, all of you!!! Thank you Hubby, family, in-laws, buddies (from near and far!) and my colleagues (ex and current) for all the good wishes, kind thoughts and lovely gifts!!! May God bless each and everyone of you!!! *Hugz*


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