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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Jewel's Baby Shower

[updated on 21st December 2007]

The first baby shower cum tea party I've ever planned (along with Moorish, Sue and Lily, with some help from Jewel's husband and her sister too) and attended and I had fun.

We suprised Jewel at her parents' place. Poor girl, she wanted to go shopping but her husband said they could only go to Bangsar Shopping Complex and they had to go over to her parents' house after that. Hehehehe..

So there we were, armed with helium balloons, baby diaper cake, more book gifts, bread pudding and cupcakes, waiting for the arrival of the parents-to-be. Jewel was nonetheless, suprised with our presence. Thank goodness she didn't get a great shock and go into labor!

Jewel's Baby Shower
Oh so cute!

Can't believe that the last time we had all met up together was in June for Sue's birthday and that was when Jewel announced that she was pregnant. Now, she's already 8 months pregnant and I'm joining her soon! My oh my... I'm excited yet nervous.. Hehehe...


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