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Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm Dreaming Of A Munching Christmas Tree

[updated on 18th December 2007]

The Christmas season is back again. But this year, it's celebrating the occasion with my new colleagues. Gonna be so exciting!

There aren't any plans within my departmental colleagues to decorate our workspace, so my teammates and I have decided to do it ourselves, in our own little team's corner. Tee hee hee.. We decided to chip in a pool of money together and buy a mini Christmas tree. Everyone in the team was excited about it!

Couldn't wait any longer, we asked for a time off to go tree-and-ornaments shopping in the supermarket (the fun thing about working almost above a classy shopping mall!). We bought a 4 feet tree, a set of blinking lights, lots of ornaments and even cotton for snow. All in all, less than 100 bucks. *Grin*

It was really fun to have everyone in the team to decorate the Christmas tree together. We also bought lots of yummy goodies (chocolates, candy canes, sweets, etc) to hang all over the tree and sent an invitation to all our colleagues within the department to come 'pluck' the goodies whenever they want to.

Christmas Tree in the Office
Munching Christmas tree. *lol*

My teammates and I will be having our own gift exchange session before the Christmas holidays. So yes, I'm looking forward to it! What to buy within the range of RM10 - 15 ah?


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