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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Horrific Blood Test

[updated on 19th December 2007]

Today I would have gone up to Bukit Tinggi with my colleagues if I hadn't been pregnant. I'm not complaining though - Baby is the most precious gift I have!!!

We went for our monthly check-up today. Doc said he would do the usual ultrasound scan, detect heartbeat and all, check urine again in case if the infection is still there. And worse, he would be doing blood test! Horror!! I actually panicked and asked, "NOW?? TODAY??" with eyes wide, wide open!

We did the weighting first and sad to say, I've only gained 0.1kg since last month. Doc urged me to pass 40kg by next month. Then we did the ultrasound. Baby's so much bigger now! 32mm from crown to rump. Just 2 Wednesdays ago Baby was only 18.5mm! Baby's head is also much bigger. We saw tiny little arms (like dots!), body and legs. Baby's position also seemed to be the other way round and was moving!!

We heard the heartbeat and Doc said it's normal. So exciting! Hubby recorded the entire scan using his mobile phone but he forgot to save it in the end. Hehe.. It's alright, next check-up yah?

Then came the horrific part - blood test. Doc sprayed some cold stuff on my right arm. I closed my eyes tighly while turning my face towards my left. I grabbed Hubby's hand with my left hand. Doc's wife poked the needle through the skin and I could feel it! I could feel the needle moving and it was painful! I grasped Hubby's hand tighter as he tried to console me, rubbed my hand and told me to relax. Doc's wife took the needle out and poked again! It's really, really painful!! I kept thinking about Baby, that it was all for Baby, and shut my eyes even tighter. After some time, Doc said they were done. I turned back, opened my eyes and I felt tears. Doc and wife were worried and got me some tissue paper. I really didn't mean to be so childish and chicken-shit but I am really afraid of needles and pain. And I'm not gonna go blame it on pregnancy hormones or something. *Sobs* Everytime I think about it now, I can feel tears collecting in my eyes. :(

I'm glad it's over though. I just pray that nothing will go wrong with me and with my blood. My birthday wish must come true. Please don't let anything happen to me, and most importantly, to Baby. Please don't let Hubby worry too much about me and Baby. He has enough to handle and I should not burden him with any other problems from me and Baby. He's been so awfully supportive.

I must do my part to make sure that nothing's gonna happen to me and Baby. Please help us to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of Baby...


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