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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


[updated on 21st December 2007]

Today was a significant day for Baby. Baby turns 12 weeks on the 12th day of the 12th month. How cool is that!

However, too significant till I was down with a massive flu - cough, sore back, leaking nose, shivering and all.. I had to leave office early to fly home, take a super hot shower, wrap myself up with layers of duvets and take a good, long nap till dinnertime. I've been having a hard time getting a good night's sleep the past few days and had been having nightmares every night! Yes, the fears of Baby and I losing Hubby; father-in-law sneaking Baby away; and the pregnant me being kidnapped by a cab driver! It had been so bad that I woke up with tears flowing down my cheeks, screaming for Hubby. *Blush*

Oh well.. Just another 1-2 more weeks till the second trimester and I hope all these will subside.. I have a sneaky feeling that Baby somehow loves his/her Daddy's cooking. Baby pukes at any of the grandparents' cooking, but not his/her Daddy's. Jealous, man!! Hehe...

But no matter what, it doesn't matter whether Baby will loves me more or less than his/her Daddy. As long as I love Baby and that I'd do anything for Baby, nothing else matters. :)


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