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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baby's Slow Development

We went for our check-up today and got to see Baby!! Hehe...

Doc returned my blood test report, glad to know that everything is normal and I still have immunity from Hepatitis B. *Phew* And oh, my blood type is O+. Muahaha.. Just the same as Daddy and Sis! This means I'm a generous person!! *lol*

Am glad to say that I've passed the 40kg mark, but Doc said I had only gained 200 grams when I should be gaining 2 kgs instead. *Sighz*

We did the ultrasound scan and Baby looked so much bigger now! Baby was sleeping at that time but we saw Baby moving his/her tiny hands and legs. Sooooo cute!! Doc measured the width of the head and true enough, it's smaller than what it should be, i.e. Baby's development is about a week's late. Even the EDD (estimated due date) on the scan is a week's late. *Sobs* Doc said that I must take balanced diet, consume more protein. I just hope that I will stop vomitting soon and eat more. Doc said that eggs are very good, and so is coconut water (and the flesh).

Mini Patchee at 14 Weeks
Baby at 14+ weeks

In case if you can't interpret the picture, the white round thing on the near top left is the placenta. Baby is lying below the placenta where the head is on the left, and the body on the right. Can see?

Hubby managed to record the entire session this time. Hehe.. I actually can't wait to see Baby again next month! Doc said that I should be able to start feeling Baby's little kicks anytime soon. Wow.. It's so exciting! And the best part is, Doc said we might be able to tell Baby's gender next month! Ooohhhhh!! Can't wait! Can't wait!!! *Grin*


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