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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Solstice Festival

Every year around this date is the Chinese Winter Solstice Festival which is known as Dong Zhi in Mandarin. Dong Zhi is considered the longest day in the year where daytime is the shortest and nighttime is the longest. So families would gather for a reunion dinner and have 'tangyuen' (glutinous rice balls) in warm ginger-ish soup to 'survive' the wintery night.

My family would make it a point to have dinner together and Mummy would make 'tangyuen' for dessert. This year is no different, except that Sis is not able to celebrate with us but we have an additional little someone in the form of a fetus. Hehehe... Mummy made a special 'tangyuen' in which it's extra small.. "For baby to eat", she said.

Winter Solstice Festival 2007
For me and Baby

The left one was extra small.. But it had stretched until it didn't look any different from the rest. Anyhow... Baby, Poh Poh made this specially for you! Hope you liked it! *Muakz*


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