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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

32 Weeks

According to The Pregnancy Countdown Book...

"From head to toe, your baby is about 18.5 inches (47 cm) long. This explains why you feel like there's a foot up around your ribcage. There probably is a foot or another body part in your ribcage.

Your baby is running out of room, and you're running out of patience (big sigh). You still have 56 days to go - or more. The end of your third trimester is when life in Pregnancy Land can get really hard again. You may still be working and anxiously awaiting your maternity leave. You may not have shooting pains down your legs during the day and bad leg cramps at night. Many women experience fatigue and PMS-like symptoms. To make matters worse, sleeping comfortably is difficult, if not impossible. By now, your significant other is either in the guest room, on the couch, or being smothered by your boyfriend Bob, the full body pillow, and a host of other pillows."

8 more weeks.... 8 MORE WEEKS! *Gah*

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby Shopping Spree

It has been a day of shopping and shopping.. Just for Baby's stuffs!!

In the morning, we dropped by at Isetan, The Gardens for the babywear clearance sale. We bought a pair of Baby Tiny Toons inner wear, with this cute little logo of Baby Bugs Bunny and the caption "What's up Doc?" below it.. Only for RM16 after 70% discount! So blue and so cute!!

And then in the evening, we went over to my parents' place for our usual Saturday dinner. There was a huge bunch of stuffs at the living room - all the items that MJ Ah Yi bought from the warehouse sale on Mummy's behalf - washcloths, extra pillowcase, extra crib sheet, sleep support, newborn pillow, mittens, stroller pad, receiving blanket.. All for only RM 107. So cheap!! The stroller is still wrapped and stored in the MJ warehouse, so we will only get to see it much later.

After dinner, we went to Anakku and bought more stuffs like MamyPoko disposable diapers (for emergency use, coz we intend to let Baby wear cloth diapers instead.. Traditional-style!), nursing pads, mosquito net and stand, bath mat, and 2 pairs of Baby Disney clothes.. For a total of RM 175.

Hehehe.. Sooooo many things for such a tiny little creature!!! More to come, that's for sure!!! *Grin*

Friday, April 25, 2008

Baby's Little Car

"Ah Yi said got stroller on sale, from RM1+k now at RM300+, display set, you want or not?"

MJ Ah Yi always alerts Mummy whenever there's any promotions or sale going on in MJ. This time, it's the warehouse sale in Shah Alam. A Cosco stroller (from The States, apparently the design is equivalent to Maclaren's), comes along with an infant carrier, was on sale and was going out very, very fast. MJ Ah Yi even bugged her supplier if they have anymore stock - they only have one display set left in one of the MJ stores.

I was very hesitant coz Princess had handed us Bumblebee's Sweet Cherry stroller. It wasn't in a very excellent condition. Sticker was half apart. The padding was quite worn out and dirty but it was still usable coz we could always buy a new stroller pad. Besides, I have not seen how does Cosco strollers look like and I wasn't sure if we would like it. I asked Hubby about it and he said he's heard of the brand, as good as Maclaren's. Wuah!!!!

So after a few "No"s and "Not sure woh" to Mummy, I finally told her that we want it. I could hear her tell Daddy, "Now she want it" at the background. Hehe.. But we would let MJ Ah Yi decide if the display set is in good condition before buying it.

In the end, we are indeed getting a new stroller for Baby after all!!! And it's in blue!!! Woweeeeeeee!!!!! I wonder if this is the one from Cosco Juvenile..

Cosco Juvenile Sprint Travel System

Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Trip To The Balai Polis

I texted the lady who hit my little car last evening and told her how much would it cost to get the damage fixed.It was really a very reasonable amount considering the dents are really obvious from even afar.

She, however, felt that I was exaggerating when they were only scratches (wow... A scratch and a dent is a huge difference, kay?!). She even got her husband to deal with me who 'clever-ly' told me that it will be very troublesome for a pregnant woman like me to file a police report, and also suggested that I bring my car to his mechanic who apparently can 'kao tim' for 10, 20 bux or so. No, thank you! They rather lose their NCB which is more than the amount I asked for. So be it then. Off to the police station Hubby and I went.

Being my first time filing a report, I found it pretty interesting having to type the report according to a sample format, like a story.. "On this so-and-so date, I was driving, car registration no. so-and-so, along Jalan so-and-so when suddenly a car registration no. so-and-so hit my car from behind." And I got to draw out the location of the accident when we met the Sergeant. Hehe..

It was quite an experience. I know that I didn't have to do this, but at least now that I have, I will know what to do the next time *touch wood!*.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Minor Car Accident @ 31 Weeks

Was on my way home from work when my little car got hit from behind, even though the traffic light was red and cars weren't even moving! It was a very loud *thud*, there were dents here and there. But thank goodness Baby is ok. Well, at least I kept poking on my tummy the entire night to make sure that he's still alive and kicking. *Phew* Although it's a minor accident, but it can still be a risk to Baby.

On a much happier news, Baby is now 31 weeks. 63 more days to go! The Pregnancy Countdown Book says this,

"Your baby's central nervous system is controlling more of her bodily functions now. If your baby is exposed to bright light, her irises will dilate, even in utero."

Hm.. Does this mean that I can play disco lights with Baby? Tee hee hee!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Big Boy!

It was time for our monthly checkup. Wheee!!!!! Still can't believe that we're already in our 30th week. *Shivers*

Doc delivered us the pap smear results. Thank goodness no cancerous cells were detected. *Phew* But there's the prodding within the vagina again to check for infection. It's gonna be a usual routine everytime we go for checkup now. *Sighz*

I've upped yet another 1.2kg, which brings me to 46.8kg now. Woo hoo!! Doc was expecting a 2kg gain, but since Baby is growing well so it's still alright. He's now weighing 1.2kg, with the head measuring 7.6cm from side to side and he was really active during the checkup! Moving aggressively and all!! Whenever Doc tried to move the scanner around the tummy, Baby would try to kick it away. Hehe! Doc described where was Baby's heads, arms, legs and then casually said "Confirm it's a boy" coz his little 'jewels' are more apparent now. *lol* And oh yes, Baby has indeed turned upside down, getting ready to position himself for birth. Doc said that Baby may still be able to sway a bit, but not so much till he goes to a breech position. So it's a relief!

Doc also said that pregnancy is a form of stress, so I need to take it easy and get enough 8-hours sleep. I need to exercise as well, like going for brisk walks, or swimming - enough to increase my heartbeat rate a bit and sweat but not to the point where I'll dehydrate myself.

Looks like Baby's a big boy now.. And I can't believe I'm carrying a kg-load 24/7! *Muakz the tummy* Hehe..

Friday, April 18, 2008

Upside Down

Last night while lying on the bed, I thought I felt Baby's legs kicking against my ribs.

He was quite aggressive, I must say. And when he turns, I could actually see a huge lump moving from one side of my tummy to the other. Kinda felt like all of my insides were moving and turning!

I wonder if he was sleeping upside down.. Coz just the other day, Princess commented that my body part between the tummy and my breasts is very hollow, which indicates that the baby has already assume in an upside down position within the womb in preparation for the birth.

Is it really? Wow! I can only find out tomorrow when I go for the monthly checkup!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weighing A Cantaloupe At 30 Weeks

That means it's another 10 weeks to go (70 days).. Or less!

The Pregnancy Countdown Book says this..

"Your baby is growing taller by the day. This week, she weighs almost 3 pounds (1.4kg). Next time you're at the grocery store, put a cantaloupe on the scale. That will give you a good idea of what 3 pounds weigh."

Several of my pregnant friends and a cousin who are expecting their babies around the same time as me have been attending prenatal classes (or also known as antenatal classes? What's the difference, by the way?). I feel kind of guilty in a way for not signing up for such classes. Does this mean that I'm already failing my role as a mother? I just... Thought that I can rely on people's experiences, books and the internet for such information. Besides, the moment I have my contractions and entering the labor room, I for sure am gonna forget every single thing I learn in classes and just panic and scream like a mad woman. And as for childcare, I have my parents and the confinement lady (and instinct?) to help and guide me.

My cousin has also advised me to start preparing the hospital bag by Week 35, coz apparently the baby can be out anytime between Week 37 till 42. So that means I have 5 more weeks to be prepared. Oh no! Gotta really start shopping for all these stuff soon! Mummy had already bought a hooded towel when she went to Hong Kong to visit Sis during Easter. So at least something in the list is checked. Hehe...

Gotta go update my checklist now..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Future Gymnast

Baby's awfully active today.

He woke me up at 5 this morning and he has been moving and turning and wriggling like, forever ever since!

I don't know whether it's the Braxton Hicks contraction that I'm feeling or Baby's really aggressive. One moment he juts his body somewhere on my right tummy (he seems to love to be in such position!), the entire part hardens and it stays that way for a few minutes.

It's hard to breathe whenever Baby does that. Urgh... I think I should leave the office now.. Go home and take a good rest..

Baby, be good!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Had such a nice lunch today.. Chee cheong fun and then jelly for dessert.

Then Hubby and I decided to drop by at Toys 'R' Us in Subang Parade to check out the baby stuffs. Somehow it was very stuffy and humid there. I remembered not being able to stand or walk for too long, I kept eyeing for a place to sit!

Suddenly, I felt dizzy and everything went blur. Remembered telling Hubby that I needed to sit down for a while.. The moment we found an empty bench just outside the store, nausea kicked in. Hubby immediately asked for a plastic bag. And then... I hurled...

There goes my nice lunch... Is this the beginning of third trimester horror? *Sighz*

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

29 Weeks

77 more days to go..

As much as I'm excited to be able to finally meet Baby (and hug and kiss and spoil and love him to bits!) soon, I shudder at the thought of giving birth. I fear the pain, tear, sewing, needles and all.. I know I'm a huge worry pot but I can't help it. Imagine I actually shed tears just drawing blood during my first trimester.. What's more childbirth!!

Just pray and pray that I will be strong to go through the whole thing.. As natural as possible..

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sleepless Nights

First of all, I really, really hope that there's no bad news on the pap smear results. Have I told you that I hate it so, so, so, so much?

Baby's been wriggling a lot more often nowadays. Sometimes I let him listen to classical music to lull him back to sleep especially during work. But the bigger problem is that it's getting harder to sleep at night. I get backache if I lie on my back for too long. If I sleep on the right side, I worry my organs will get squished and anyhow, Baby would wriggle and wriggle as a sign to tell me to switch my sleeping position. If I sleep on the left side for too long, my arms go numb.

*Sighz* It's soooooo hard to get a goodnight sleep.. I've also even tried to prop more pillows under my head, and a pillow or two on my sides beside the tummy so that when I lie on either side, the tummy gets to 'rest' on the pillow.. Like a cushion to support the weight.

It doesn't help the fact that I'm in my 7th month now.. Just another 2 more months to go.. Or less!! Am beginning to feel the jitters... Just hope I don't get nightmares.. I need as much sleep as I can before Baby comes out to play!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Third Trimester!

We have finally reached the last 3-month lap! *Gasp*

The Pregnancy Countdown Book says..

"Third trimester ultimately serves one purpose: to make you so uncomfortable, so over it, so tired, so achy, so bitchy, so itchy, and so freakishly huge, that you will do anything to get the baby out of you, including pushing it out of a place where a tampon once felt gigantic."

Gee.... Thanks!