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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hen Party In Progress!

Hen badge for the night

Moorish got us badges, ain't it cute? There was another one in yellow with bright pink words that goes along like, "Beware! I'm A Hen Party Member!" The Hen Party was at Passion, dress code in shades of pink or red at about 10 plus at night. We made Jewel wear a pair of blinking devil's horns. Imagine the suprise we had when we saw another hen party arrived with the bride-to-be wearing a veil and accompanied by two nuns. That was reaaaaally funny.

Lily started the 'engine' with a deck of Truth Or Dare cards, and got everyone laughing when Sue was dared to give a butterfly kiss to a guy in the bar of Jewel's choice, and Moorish had to give her best model's pose with another guy. Freaky Girl, on the other hand, did not even know about bra sizes, like how big is an A cup or a D cup!! Helllooooo.. At 26, a girl should know this, how the heck does she buy her bras??

Anyway, when we saw there were more guyz in the bar, Moorish and Lily decided to proceed with the bride's games. Oh, we tortured Jewel to the max. We made her walk around with a white tee filled with guy's names and she had to go collect all the signatures from guys of those names. Can't believe there were actually an "Ah Beng", "Ali", "Goh" and "Antonio" in the crowd! Alright, so there weren't anyone called "Kanna" or "Raju" there.. Then, we made her sell packs of condoms. Ho ho ho. That was fun.

We all had a superb night. We went back to the apartment after 3 am, took our showers, we feasted on the leftover food and the red bean dessert, then we knocked out after 5 am. We checked out at noon, and 5 of us - Moorish, Lily, Jewel and Sue headed over to Equatorial Hotel for buffet lunch at Kampachi. Poor Jewel, she was too hung over then, so she couldn't join in but we managed to celebrate Moorish's birthday before her fiance picked her up.

Moorish's "cake" - a glassful of green tea ice-cream

Jewel's wedding is in less than 3 weeks' time and she'll be the first one among the group to settle down. Hopefully it was a night to remember (at least in her case!), coz it sure was for me!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Grace @ Day 40

Grace has been growing a lot of hair nowadays. I have to keep her in a 'jacuzzi' at all times, so that she has sufficient water to live in. I've been trimming her hair every now and then, and she's getting cuter each day! *smile*

Grace Day 40
Grace @ day 40

A Malaysian Fruit

You know what, we Malaysians should all eat only Malaysian food and fruits, and drink only Malaysian drinks tomorrow for Merdeka Day. Nasi lemak, Milo ais and erhm.. Durian for dessert. What say you? *lol*

Hammie bought a bagful of buah salak when he went back to his hometown in Terengganu during the weekend. He made me try a piece in the morning when I came to work. I've never eaten a buah salak before, so I thought, why not.. I think it's a Malaysian fruit (or am I wrong?). It looks like a pear but with scaly skin, like the skin of an ant-eater. One end of the fruit is slightly soft, so you can peel the skin off from there.

Buah salak

Closer look on the scaly skin

The fruit is a bit yellowish, dry and looks a bit like garlic where it is divided to a couple of stems. When I first tried it, it was sooooo sour that my whole face practically crunched up (and Hammie laughed at the way I looked. Hehe..). It also tasted a bit 'kelat' (woody, bitter-ish taste). Didn't quite like it at the start, but once I got used to the taste, it slowly became a bit sweeter nearer to the seed. Not something I would want to eat early in the morning, although it 'woke' me up coz of the sourness. *lol*

The inner fruit

Furball chose a piece which happened to be "terbantut" in the growth. Quite cute though. Haha..

Does this look like an E.T. or is it just a buah salak with breasts?

So, is anyone up for everything Malaysian tomorrow? Which means, no TGI Friday's, no Haagen Dazs ice-cream (take King's red bean or bubur cha cha flavoured ice-cream potong lar!), no apples (opt for bananas, pineapples or coconuts lar), you get the drift. *smile*

Monday, August 29, 2005

Hen's Night at Sucasa

It's an overdued entry.. Nevertheless, I'll still write about it. Anyway, in my previous entry, I wrote about a couple of us planning for Jewel's hen's night on the 20th. I must say, it was really swell. But but but.. Firstly, I shall write about the place we bunked in for the night which was at Sucasa Service Apartments in Jalan Ampang.

It is run by the same management of Micasa Service Apartments. We had initially wanted Micasa, coz it was a really lovely place to stay in (very spacious too!!) but they ran out of rooms, and then we were torn between Sucasa and Lanson Place. In the end, we chose the Kiasu Holiday Package for Sucasa - RM 310 for a 2-bedroom. It wasn't too bad, the rooms were spacious and fully carpeted, but in our opinions, Micasa is still a better choice. Sucasa is more like a "lower class" compared to Micasa.

Dining + Living areas

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Second bedroom

Anyhow, 5 of us checked in first at about 4pm - Moorish, Loyar, Lily, Meei and I. Freaky Girl had, at the very last minute, decided not to stay over. We unloaded all our food, drinks and utensils, inspected the rooms and claimed the master bedroom. We did last minute checking for games that we would play on Jewel later that night at Passion Bar.

Jewel, her sister and their cousin sister checked in at 5 plus and they took the second bedroom. We changed into comfy clothes to prepare for dinner. Moorish made roast chicken, Loyar made spaghetti and Jewel brought a pot of red bean dessert. I pulak, bought drinks, packets of ice and plastic utensils. Meei brought packets of Vietnamese rice papers and we sat around the dining table, making Vietnamese spring rolls. It was fun watching them make the spring rolls, they came out with various sizes! Meei prepared the sauce to go along with the spring rolls - a bit of spicy + sour-ish + sweet taste.

Vietnamese spring rolls in the making

The final product

After dinner, Lily made cocktail jelly as we watched Jeepers Creepers on Star World. Scary la, to watch a horror movie during the Chinese Ghost Month!! Once the movie ended at 10pm, we washed up, cleaned the dining area, and then we dressed up for the night.

Oh by the way, if you would want to experience a night at Sucasa, here's the map and the address.

Sucasa Service Apartments
222, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-4251 3833
Fax: 03-4252 1096

Next up, Hen Party at Passion Bar!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I Nearly Screwed Up My Friend's Hen's Night Plans

Jewel is getting married next month. The rest of us - Moorish, Lily, Sue and Jewel's sister (I was more of a tag-along kind) had been planning a hen's night for her this coming weekend. We had been mass mailing each other about what can we do for the celebration - where to stay, what to eat, what to buy, what games to play on her, where to party for the night, how much do we need, what to wear, so on and so forth. Jewel knows that we're hosting a party for her, but we are hiding the rest of the details from her. *Nyek nyek nyek*. Until I, so smarty pants, nearly spilled the plans to her. Sighz.

What happened was that, we thought of going to a nice hotel the next day, somewhere nearby the apartment we're gonna bunk in, for buffet lunch and celebrate Moorish's birthday (Jewel knows this, but Moorish doesn't know it's for her birthday). Sue called me on Friday afternoon to ask me to send an e-mail to everyone to inform that she had placed a booking for the buffet lunch at Equatorial Hotel, and that no slippers are allowed. So I searched for the latest mass mail which Lily sent regarding the confirmation of plans and the cutdown of the cost and all, clicked "Forward", typed in my content ("Sue has booked for buffet lunch at Equatorial, no slippers allowed, please take note", bla bla bla), added Jewel's e-mail address into the Recipient section, and SENT it out without deleting Lily's e-mail content!! Yup, the whole thing!!

It took me a few seconds to realize what a dumbo I was, and I frantically chased Sek Long into the Server Room (less than 20 steps away, actually) to delete the mail from the queue. He managed to delete the ones to Moorish, Jewel's sis and Lily (thank goodness there were many other people sending out e-mails!), but because the mail buffer queue gets overwritten quickly, so we couldn't find out if the rest, especially Jewel, got the mail!!! *Gasp* I will not forgive myself if Jewel does get the mail and reads the whole thing! Everything will be screwed up. Everything wouldn't be so fun already if she knows what do we have 'cooking' for her. I think Sue regretted asking me to write the e-mail. Hehehe..

Oh well. For sure Moorish didn't get the mail. Sue did, but she didn't scroll down the mail, so she didn't realize the extra info that I had forgotten to delete, well.. Until I told her about it, that is. Moorish sms-ed Jewel to tell her to delete my e-mail coz "Lil Patchee wrote something personal which was actually meant for me". Really dumbo... Can't believe I actually would accidently disclose the whole details!

Now Sue feels that we shouldn't have told Moorish about the buffet lunch venue. It's coz Moorish doesn't know it's for her birthday treat. "Why go to Equatorial? You all got so much of marnee izzit?" Then again, she might have family plans.. Oh no.. How to convince her to cancel the family plans and join us for lunch instead?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

About Siput Babi


My colleagues and I talked about snails this morning and I couldn't help but to ponder over it..

i) Snails are molluscs that have shells. They are found in fresh and sea water, and some snails have also adapted to life on land. So are snails considered seafood?

ii) Why are they called "Siput Babi" in Malay? What is "siput", actually? And do they look a bit like "babi"? If that's the case, are they not "halal"?

iii) If they do have relations to the pigs, how about "wo niu" in Mandarin? As far as my understanding goes, "wo" means shell and "niu" means cow. So now they are related to the cows??

iv) Snails must have sounded quite un-classy, otherwise the delicacy dish wouldn't have been known as "escargot". Or is "escargot" another meaning of snails in another language?

Don't mind me.. It must have been the haze.. Can't really see clearly within my office premises too.. *lol*

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Inspector's Birthday Weekend

Had an absolutely lovely weekend at PD for Inspector's birthday celebration. We rented a 4-room penthouse at Regency Tanjung Tuan Beach Resort for RM 650 for a night. It was a luxurious penthouse, rooms were spacious, fully carpeted (except for the bathrooms), lovely sea view and all. The only slack thing was that the supposedly kitchen had been converted to a double bed room. But then again, it was good enough to fit all nine of us. Which meant that we got an extra bedroom for the price of a 4-bedroom penthouse. Woo hoo!


The penthouse



The master bedroom with the attached bathroom

The haze was reallllly terrible though. The burning smell was sooooo strong that I just felt like I was standing exactly beside a barbeque pit!! *Pfft*


The usual view of the neighbouring Corus Paradise


The view during the haze

We checked in at about 2pm, and loaded up all our food stuffs onto the dining table and the fridge. We rested, played some music on the Mp3 player, the guys played PS2, the girls chatted with each other. By 5.30pm, all of us went down to the beach for a couple of rounds of volleyball. The ball that Freckles bought was a bit too hard for volleyball, most of us had slight bruises around our wrists after that, so we ended up playing football, 5 girls against 4 guys. No rules, no fouls, but the goalpost for the guys was much, much, much smaller than the girls' goalpost. Muahahhahaa.. We had a lot of fun during the game, couldn't remember which team won but I remembered scratching Inspector's arm with my long fingernails.. I felt soooo guilty after that, that I peeled my fingernails, they're now really short and harmless.. Hehe.. We went to shoot some baskets as well until we were dead tired.

The beach




The other 4 bedrooms

Went back to the penthouse by 7.30pm, took our showers, and we prepared for the barbeque by the balcony. Since we were kitchen-less, we turned the general bathroom into a washing area - To wash the utensils, pots, pans, prawns, sausages, crabsticks, squids, chicken wings, beef slices, etc. The bathroom really smelled like a dumpster laaaa... *lol* Chef as usual, did all the cooking while the rest of us helped him out. We ate, we drank, we laughed, we watched Air Force One on Star World, we took photos, and we ate, and we drank, and we laughed, and we took photos. *grin*


The balcony where we had our barbeque

We celebrated Inspector's birthday with a yummy blackforest cake (specifically bought that flavor coz it's his favourite) before midnight. We sang Happy Birthday to our heart's content, and then we gave a toast to our friendship. And then we ate, and we drank, and we laughed. Some of us played mahjong on the dining table, while the rest of us watched "Rush Hour 2" on DVD. Then we continued watching a horror movie on TV entitled "Long Time Dead". It was so horrific that the storyline reminded me of "Final Destination" where everyone dies. Just couldn't 'tahan' horror movies, so we all knocked off by 3 plus. Hate horror movies.. Hate horror movies..


The living + dining area



Woke up around 9 plus in the morning, and Chef made us breakfast - chicken wings, buns with melted butter, and fried eggs. Simply delicious! We played a couple rounds of mahjong before we packed up and checked out by 12pm. We stopped by at the Seremban resthouse for a drink before we parted our own ways.

Overall, we had a superb time there. Regency Tanjung Tuan may have existed for more than 10 years now (I remembered going there as a kid), but it's being maintained very well. I was there for my company's annual trip last year but the penthouse we stayed in back then wasn't as nice nor luxurious as this one. Inspector had a jolly good time, he admitted it was one of the best birthdays he has ever had. I had a great time too, and I'm pretty sure everyone else enjoyed themselves as well. We're all gonna meet up this weekend to sort out the cost for the food and accomodation, and look at pictures.

I wouldn't mind going back there again some time soon!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR INSPECTOR!!!! *Muakz*

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Happy Birthday, Dear!!!

It's Inspector's birthday today. We are going to PD for the weekend with his friends to celebrate his birthday. We are going to barbeque there. We are going to have loads of fun.

Haze or no haze, we are going to make sure that he will have the best-est birthday ever!!! *Muakz*

Monday, August 01, 2005

I Could Have Been A Mrs. Today

It's 1st August. Just another ordinary day. Another Monday. It's also Tai Lou's birthday. Oh, and a couple more friends' birthdays too. But other than that, it's just another day.. Until I realized that I could have been legally married today. I could have woken up tomorrow morning and realized that I was no longer a Ms. but a Mrs. *Gasp*

Last December, Inspector and I discussed about bringing our relationship to the next level someday. His parents were nevertheless, excited about it. "You must register next month!" It didn't help when his grandmother warned us about not getting married during the Year of the Rooster. "Bad luck!" We weren't prepared, we were not even financially stable yet, and they expected us to get registered in less than a month's time??

Everything happened like lightning.. We arranged a dinner with Dad & Mum for Inspector to "pop" up the question. They were of course shocked, Mum thought I was pregnant! Then I called up JPN to ask about the registration procedure. We made photocopies of any relevant documents and took passport-sized photographs. Wan Nei bugged me about looking for the suitable date through the Chinese Almanac ("tong sing") or consult the fortune teller at Petaling Street. Took me quite some time to compile all the suitable dates (must "ngam" mine & Inspector's birth year, as well as our parents' birth years. Really very "ma fan", I tell you!). We had to convince Inspector's parents that January was waaaaaaaay too early, that we would get registered later in the year but hold the ceremony the year after that.

Applied leave on New Year's Eve to go down to JPN Putrajaya. We filled the form, and requested for 1st August. The officer told us that we were too early. "Tak boleh lar, paling awal pun 6 bulan sebelum tarikh itu". But she jotted down our contact numbers on the diary for 1st August and told us to go back sometime in February/March. We left the place together with the form and hadn't gone back there ever since then..


We nearly handed the form to the JPN officer

We were not prepared yet, even now. Even though it's just 30 bux and it's just placing our signatures onto a piece of paper, that alone can change our lives forever. The fact that we are not financially stable yet (We've done all the calculations, we don't have enough to want to host a decent wedding dinner!), we are not ready for the next level yet (not THAT soon anyway), it just don't feel right for us to rush on it. What's more, being pressurized by anyone.

How do you know when are you ready? How do you know that, yes, it's time for us to settle down? It's amazing how some people, after 8-9 months of dating, are ready to walk down the aisle.. Me and Inspector on the other hand, after 8-9 years of dating and we're still not ready for it.

We figured that, perhaps within the next 2 years lar. Maybe by then, we'll be ready for marriage. Maybe by then, we'll head down to Putrajaya again, absolutely sure of the decision, that we are ready and prepared to be committed to each other for the rest of our lives with no regrets.

Until then, I shall remain checking the "Ms." box in all my forms..

Grace @ Day 11

Was away at Dad's hometown during the weekend when Furball sms-ed me : "Your pet have grown 3 hair. Now really like 'Dai Fan Shu' ('Big Potato')". To the uninitiated, Big Potato is a character from the Chinese favourite Old Master Q ('Lao Fu Zi') comics. Big Potato is the short, rounded guy with only 3 strands of hair - He's one of Old Master Q's friends. Hehe.. So cute!

Came back to work and wah lau.. She has 7 strands now!! 2 of them are about 5cm long! So exciting!! My colleagues are just as excited as me!!! *grin*