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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Goodies From Down Under

Was expecting a parcel of jig board (for jewelry-making) from Lily but I'd never thought I'd get anything more than that! Imagine my suprise when I saw a huge box waiting for me at my doorstep today!

Goodies from Down Under!
Down Under goodies!

* Deluxe Thing-a-Ma-Jig
Bringing my jewelry-making hobby to a higher level by forming loops with wires. I have something to do during my confinement period, well.. Besides the boxes of TVB and Korean drama series that Sis and Footitie will be loaning me. Tee hee hee!

* Card
"It's a boy" with a personalized message from Lily and husband. Thank you so much!!! *Hugz*

* 2 pairs of onesies, a.k.a. bodysuits
The joy of having a baby boy - 'Lock Up Your Daughters' and 'PIMP - Poo In My Pants'. *lol* Why aren't there any locally-made baby clothes that come with cute captions like these? Hubby and I couldn't stop smiling about the PIMP one. Very excited to have Baby wear them!

* Baby Owner's Starter Kit
The most hilarious yet informative manual I've ever seen.. Describing babies in product terminology.. The kit comes with a darn cool manual (troubleshooting baby's audio cues, and checking with the service provider if there are any missing parts), an instructional poster, growth chart and stickers for marking baby's progress, babysitter's memo pad, a crawling baby magnet and oh, hardcover keepsake box. Niceeeeeee!!!

Thanks a bunch, Lily and husband!! You've already given your share of gifts from the baby shower last weekend and yet there are more with these goodies. Thank you, thank you!!! And yes, the manual is definitely gonna be very handy for us. Hehe... Thanks again!!! Bless you both!!! *Hugz*


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