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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

35 Weeks

From 3dPregnancy..

"There is a good chance that he will not have to go in the incubator if he is born now. After all, he is completely ready, except for his lungs! If he were born today, the neonatologist will check to see if the baby is premature. If his lungs are not fully developed, he may need to spend time in a special care nursery with medication. If he's healthy, though, he can even go home soon, despite his small size."

Noooo.. Baby's not 'fully baked' yet.. Don't come out so soon!

"Breastfeeding is very important for premature babies, because their immune system can still be underdeveloped. The chance of infections is greatly reduced through breastfeeding. The first milk, colostrum, is extraordinarily rich in antibodies and is an outstanding precaution against infections."

I do intend to breastfeed Baby for at least 6 months, if it's possible. Good for Baby. Good for me. And good for our pockets too, save on milk powders. *lol*


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