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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Is Engaged!

Today's checkup was a very happy and exciting one.

I had mentioned to Doc that my appetite has been reducing lately, that I couldn't eat as much as before at one sitting. He said that it's common because as the uterus expands, the stomach gets shrunk. But when we did the routine weight measurement, we found out that I have gained 2kgs.. Which brings me to 48.9kgs now. I have gained 9.1kgs in total so far and Doc was very pleased with it!! Yay!!

We did the ultrasound scan.. Doc told us that Baby is already "in" because he couldn't quite see the top part of the head now. This showed that Baby is already "engaged" which means Baby's head is "locked" between the pelvis, ready at the birth canal. It is likely that I will deliver 1-2 weeks earlier than estimated! That's like, in 4 weeks time!! *Gasp*

Baby is growing well.. He's now weighing almost 2kgs! Doc said that although Baby's head is "locked", Baby still has plenty of room to move his body, arms and legs. That explains why Baby's growing at the correct pace, not too fast, not too slow, but his legs are growing 2 weeks faster! Must have been all those kicks!!

Speaking of kicks, Baby was moving a lot during the scan. Doc was pressing the tummy quite hard with the scanner and I think Baby really didn't like it. Baby tried to squirm to move the scanner away whereasDoc kept pressing the scanner deeper. It was reaaaaaally uncomfortable. I had so wanted to tell Doc to remove his scanner. Hehe.. Baby was doing that "body bulging on the right side of my tummy and a lump on the left side of the tummy" thingy and I immediately asked Doc to place his scanner at where the lump was. Doc did so and said "That's his foot". Haha! Naughty Baby!

And yes, Baby is indeed a boy. Doc showed us Baby's scrotums.. *lol* We've definitely come to terms of having a boy.. And I must say, I love Baby more and more as each day pass by. Can't wait to see him next month!!!

Our next checkup is in a fortnight's time. So exciting!!


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