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Friday, April 25, 2008

Baby's Little Car

"Ah Yi said got stroller on sale, from RM1+k now at RM300+, display set, you want or not?"

MJ Ah Yi always alerts Mummy whenever there's any promotions or sale going on in MJ. This time, it's the warehouse sale in Shah Alam. A Cosco stroller (from The States, apparently the design is equivalent to Maclaren's), comes along with an infant carrier, was on sale and was going out very, very fast. MJ Ah Yi even bugged her supplier if they have anymore stock - they only have one display set left in one of the MJ stores.

I was very hesitant coz Princess had handed us Bumblebee's Sweet Cherry stroller. It wasn't in a very excellent condition. Sticker was half apart. The padding was quite worn out and dirty but it was still usable coz we could always buy a new stroller pad. Besides, I have not seen how does Cosco strollers look like and I wasn't sure if we would like it. I asked Hubby about it and he said he's heard of the brand, as good as Maclaren's. Wuah!!!!

So after a few "No"s and "Not sure woh" to Mummy, I finally told her that we want it. I could hear her tell Daddy, "Now she want it" at the background. Hehe.. But we would let MJ Ah Yi decide if the display set is in good condition before buying it.

In the end, we are indeed getting a new stroller for Baby after all!!! And it's in blue!!! Woweeeeeeee!!!!! I wonder if this is the one from Cosco Juvenile..

Cosco Juvenile Sprint Travel System


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