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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Big Boy!

It was time for our monthly checkup. Wheee!!!!! Still can't believe that we're already in our 30th week. *Shivers*

Doc delivered us the pap smear results. Thank goodness no cancerous cells were detected. *Phew* But there's the prodding within the vagina again to check for infection. It's gonna be a usual routine everytime we go for checkup now. *Sighz*

I've upped yet another 1.2kg, which brings me to 46.8kg now. Woo hoo!! Doc was expecting a 2kg gain, but since Baby is growing well so it's still alright. He's now weighing 1.2kg, with the head measuring 7.6cm from side to side and he was really active during the checkup! Moving aggressively and all!! Whenever Doc tried to move the scanner around the tummy, Baby would try to kick it away. Hehe! Doc described where was Baby's heads, arms, legs and then casually said "Confirm it's a boy" coz his little 'jewels' are more apparent now. *lol* And oh yes, Baby has indeed turned upside down, getting ready to position himself for birth. Doc said that Baby may still be able to sway a bit, but not so much till he goes to a breech position. So it's a relief!

Doc also said that pregnancy is a form of stress, so I need to take it easy and get enough 8-hours sleep. I need to exercise as well, like going for brisk walks, or swimming - enough to increase my heartbeat rate a bit and sweat but not to the point where I'll dehydrate myself.

Looks like Baby's a big boy now.. And I can't believe I'm carrying a kg-load 24/7! *Muakz the tummy* Hehe..


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