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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weighing A Cantaloupe At 30 Weeks

That means it's another 10 weeks to go (70 days).. Or less!

The Pregnancy Countdown Book says this..

"Your baby is growing taller by the day. This week, she weighs almost 3 pounds (1.4kg). Next time you're at the grocery store, put a cantaloupe on the scale. That will give you a good idea of what 3 pounds weigh."

Several of my pregnant friends and a cousin who are expecting their babies around the same time as me have been attending prenatal classes (or also known as antenatal classes? What's the difference, by the way?). I feel kind of guilty in a way for not signing up for such classes. Does this mean that I'm already failing my role as a mother? I just... Thought that I can rely on people's experiences, books and the internet for such information. Besides, the moment I have my contractions and entering the labor room, I for sure am gonna forget every single thing I learn in classes and just panic and scream like a mad woman. And as for childcare, I have my parents and the confinement lady (and instinct?) to help and guide me.

My cousin has also advised me to start preparing the hospital bag by Week 35, coz apparently the baby can be out anytime between Week 37 till 42. So that means I have 5 more weeks to be prepared. Oh no! Gotta really start shopping for all these stuff soon! Mummy had already bought a hooded towel when she went to Hong Kong to visit Sis during Easter. So at least something in the list is checked. Hehe...

Gotta go update my checklist now..


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