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Thursday, March 20, 2008


We, or rather, Pa have found a sitter for Baby. She lives within Hubby's old neighbourhood. We will start engaging her services after my maternity leave which should be sometime in September. Only for weekdays, and we will bring Baby home every night. Pa will drop by at the sitter's place every now and then to keep an eye on Baby.

I should feel relieved that we have a babysitter now. But I don't. I am suddenly depressed about having to part with Baby, leaving Baby with a stranger. Is she nice? Will she be kind to Baby? Will she pay lots of attention and care towards Baby? Will she love Baby just as much as she love her own children?

I know I shouldn't rely on my parents to help me take care of Baby while I go to work.. But with them, at least I know Baby will definitely be in safe hands. Mummy will fuss on him and Daddy will teach him so many things and will read to him, just like how they did with Sis and I.

I wish I do not need to work, or at least I can find a job which I can work from home. But it just won't be fair to Hubby. I can't let him struggle alone to provide for us. I wish I can do something. I wish there is a better way for me so that I do not need to part with Baby, or at least Baby can be taken care by someone I trust a lot.

Can someone help me? *sobs*


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