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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Confinement Lady

She has been 'interviewed' and deposit has been paid for. Poh Poh had recommended her, and Mummy as well as her friend took the liberty to meet up with her and 'grilled' her with lots of questions. Well.. More like the friend did most of the grilling and when she was satisfied with the answers, she gave an 'OK' sign to Mummy and told her to proceed to paying the deposit. Hehehe...

Throughout the 27 days of confinement (why only 27? Why not 30 days?), I will be staying over at my parents' house. At least there will be someone to chit-chat with the confinement lady, and Hubby need not worry so much about leaving me at home alone with Baby and the confinement lady.

I just hope the confinement period will not be suffering. Hope that she is nice and patient!!


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